Stuff & things

There were some things at the wedding. If you want any of the things, just let us know and we’ll sort out getting them to you. Also, don’t forget to leave us a little message in our super duper guestbook by clicking here.

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Amazing eco-cups

We have loads of our custom Bearded Donkey cups left. They’re terribly practical, as they can not only hold water or beer, but even some juices including orange, apple, apricot and lemon. If you’d like a couple please let us know!

Awesome beer mats

We have a left over stock of beer mats from the Bearded Donkey’s 2018 “vintage” summer collection. Light and sturdy, they are made from laser engraved wood, that is believed to come from trees (unconfirmed).

Cute little Alien Queen

Keep nasty burglars away without the hassle of feeding and walking a guard dog! This one of a kind Alien Queen figurine is guaranteed hours fun for the whole family. First come, first served so don’t miss out. Currently at half price, so you save zero euros!

Helpful cocktail kit

Essential tools for any house hold, these solid adamantium utensils will come in handy everyday from as soon as breakfast. The pack includes a long spoon with a tiny fork on the end, a double sided cup thingy, some silver (coloured) ice tongs and, for a limited time only, a big thingy with a black thingy on the end.